Blue Mountain Heart to Heart

BMH2H is a community-based organization whose mission is to promote public health with advocacy, education, harm reduction, and support for individuals across a spectrum of chronic conditions, with a special emphasis on HIV prevention and care. Through our efforts we hope to encourage an environment of dignity and improved quality of life for the entire community. Blue Mountain Heart to Heart has been serving clients and providing prevention education to communities in Southeast Washington since 1991.

Our Team—Staff

Everett Maroon

Executive Director
Everett Maroon

Everett supervises the program areas of BMH2H and is also responsible for fundraising, development, and evaluation of the agency. He has overseen a broad expansion of HIV case management services into Asotin and Garfield counties,  harm reduction programs into the Tri-Cities and Clarkston, and an innovative, outpatient opioid recovery program in across six counties in Southeast Washington. Everett co-manages the Greater Columbia Accountable Community of Health’s (GCACH) Opioid Resource Network, and he sits on the GCACH Practice Transformation Workgroup. He also serves as a member on the financial committee for the Walla Walla County Department of Community Health, and is a member of its new Behavioral Health Council. Everett also is a state commissioner on the LGBTQ Commission, and he co-chairs its Youth, Children, and Families Committee. Everett has worked on quality improvement projects for various federal and state agencies for more than 28 years.

Crystal Chi

Supervisory Case Manager, Ryan White Program
Crystal Chi

Crystal supports more than 40 clients at BMH2H, helping clients meet their prescriptions and treatment needs, as well as their housing, food, and wellness issues. She supervises two staff members, who also work in our case management program. Crystal has a BA in sociology and has worked at BMH2H since June 2014.

Esmeralda Reynosa, RN

Nurse Case Manager, Meds First Program
Esmeralda Reynosa

Esmeralda has worked for BMHTH for several years in the Ryan White Program, and moved over to our Meds First Program when she earned her nursing degree. Esmeralda is excellent with clients and has a great can-do attitude.

Aisha Lawson

Case Manager, Ryan White Program
Aisha Lawson

Aisha comes to us as a graduate of Lewis & Clark College with a degree in social work, and is our Case Manager in Clarkson for the Ryan White Program, supporting individuals living with HIV/AIDS. She also begin serves as a case manager for the Opioid Resource Network program for people seeking recovery from opioid dependence. She has a longstanding interest in health care and supporting the wellness of people in her community in Asotin County. Aisha is also a yogi.

Marissa Cosaert

Case Manager Assistant/Housing Manager, Ryan White Program

Marissa is a graduate of Walla Walla University and supports Ryan White clients with their insurance, case management, and wraparound care needs. She also coordinates our Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA) program, which includes our clients but also other Ryan White-connected individuals in the region.

Nadean Pulfer, PA-C

Physician Assistant, Meds First Program
Nadean Pulfer

Nadean is a critical member of our Meds First Program, and prescribes buprenorphine and other medications to clients seeking to start and manage recovery after opioid dependence. She works with our Case Manager on our “Rapid Induction” Meds First program, Liz Fraser, and our Nurse Case Manager, Melissa Cross. Nadean formerly worked at a local pain management center and is excited to focus on recovery efforts and BMH2H’s opioid crisis response strategy.

Melissa Cross, RN

Nurse Case Manager, Meds First Program
Melissa Cross

Melissa is the Nurse Case Manager for our opioid recovery clients in Walla Walla, working closely with Nadean Pulfer to help individuals get treatment for opioid use disorder, and support their continued engagement in the program. Melissa is great at working with people, and has a passion for non-judgmental clinical support to people in drug-using communities.

Liz Fraser, MSW

Supervisory Case Manager, Meds First Program
Liz Fraser

Liz comes to BMH2H with an MSW from Columbia University. She currently is responsible for care coordination and non-medical case management for our opioid recovery clients. She has a long history of philanthropic work in Walla Walla and is excited to work on our case management expansion project to support opioid-dependent individuals.

Ansley Gerhard-Roberts

Case Manager, Meds First Program
Ansley Gerhard-Roberts

Ansley is our Case Manager in our Kennewick office on the Meds First program, working with individuals who have opioid use disorder and are looking to enter recovery. She works with Tawnie Toroni and they are known for their compassion and helpfulness for clients.

Tawnie Toroni, RN

Nurse Case Manager, Meds First Program

Tawnie is the Nurse Case Manager for our Meds First Program in Kennewick, working with providers in the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla to help individuals get treatment for opioid use disorder, and support their continued engagement in the program. Tawnie’s cheery disposition is a front for a fierce determination to help our clients. We are so glad to have her on board!

Merridy Smith, MSW

Program Manager, Drug User Health Equity Programs

Merridy comes to BMHTH with many years of experience in counseling and mental health support, as well as supervisory experience and a deep knowledge of the gaps and services available in our region to support client needs.

Rebeca Michael, MPH

Analyst, Drug User Health Equity Programs
Rebeca Michael

Rebeca has served in a few roles at BMHTH but joins us now as the analyst on our Drug User Health Equity Programs, helping us assess the efficacy of our work, outcomes for our clients, and as part of our continuous improvement process for our work.

Sarah Murray, RN

Community Engagement Nurse Manager

Sarah has a strong background in public health and community outreach. She leads our mobile clinic effort along with Dr. Allie Bauer, focusing on stigmatized individuals, underserved populations, and people who have challenges accessing traditional care.

Jennifer Glynn

Case Manager, LEAD Program
Jennifer Glynn

Jennifer is one of four Case Managers on the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Program, a collaboration between Blue Mountain Heart to Heart and Comprehensive Mental Health. She works to help individuals break the cycle of drug use and incarceration. Jennifer also founded the Doughty Home, a safe housing program for women veterans in Walla Walla.

Amber Daniel

Outreach and Engagement Manager, LEAD Program

Amber Daniel comes to us with experience as a peer counselor and she has a wealth of knowledge about how to communicate with clients who feel left out by previous programs in our region. Amber’s dedication to supporting clients is evident in her work, and she is a great addition to our diversion programs.

Shay Hoffman

Case Manager, Walla Walla County Jail

Shay Hoffman is our Case Manager at the Walla Walla County Jail. He has experience working with at-risk youth on the reservation, and a has psychology background. Shay focuses on helping inmate clients and clients after release as they reconnect to the community.

Leah Bailey

Finance and Contracts Manager

Our Bookkeeper and Finance Manager provides support to our Board’s Finance Committee and ensures compliance with all grant and government requirements. Leah has years of experience with bookkeeping and organizational management. Leah also manages payroll and benefits for BMH2H.

Paul Cox

Operations Manager

Paul has more than 25 years’ experience in agricultural insurance and did a stint at the Walla Walla County Department of Community Health to help with the COVID-19 response locally. Paul supports BMHTH operations and manages our fleet of vehicles, and he is quite the people person!

Board of Directors

Tim Machonkin, Ph.D., Treasurer
Justin Olswanger, D.O.
Heather Owens, Vice President
Sherman Painter
Judah Pira, President
Jason Pribilisky, Ph.D.
Jennifer Rickard, RN
Margaret Thomas, Secretary

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