Case Management Support & Community Health Services

We are a community-based organization focused on serving marginalized communities in rural areas in order to improve individual and community health. Across six counties and five offices, we support two major program areas: case management for specific client populations, and prevention programs to limit the spread of communicable disease.

About Us

Our Mission

We improve the health and quality of life for our clients, through the use of evidence-based, high quality, client-centered harm reduction and case management approaches for stigmatized patient populations, including people living with HIV/AIDS and substance use disorder.

Care Services

Entering Care Programs

Finding out you or someone you love has been diagnosed with HIV or starting your path to recovery from drug use can be difficult emotionally and feel overwhelming. Our Case Managers and Care Navigators can explain in an accessible way how we can support you. Whether you are facing living with HIV/AIDS or living in recovery, you can take control over your future, and we will help you live a high quality life. Our agency will help you find medical specialists, navigate insurance, connect you to a variety of services like therapy and acupuncture, and join a support group with other people living with these issues.

Medical Case Management

Our clients and Medical Case Manager work collaboratively to develop service plans that include achievable goals on a variety of issues, such as taking medications, budgeting, planning healthy meals, scheduling transportation to appointments, and ensuring clients have stable and sustainable housing. Our two case management programs are:

  • Case management for people living with HIV/AIDS (under the Ryan White Care Act)
  • “Medication First,” case management for people who have opioid use disorder, which comes with induction onto and maintenance on buprenorphine, an opioid recovery medication.
  • “Recovery Rewards” program of increasing incentives for negative methamphetamine drug screens, which comes with our full complement of case management services.

Food and Household Necessities

Our food bank is stocked with non-perishable and refrigerated food, which we receive from Blue Mountain Action Council on a monthly basis. We have a food basket program that supports clients living with HIV/AIDS with groceries and other necessities. BMHTH can help with some of the costs of a household, including housing assistance, shortfall stabilization, and help with big purchases like furniture.


HIV and Syphilis Testing

Free testing is offered Monday- Thursday during office hours. We use fingerstick rapid tests with results in one minute for HIV, and blood draws with lab-confirmed results for syphilis.

Hepatitis C Testing

Like HIV testing, hepatitis C testing is available to people with risk factors. Results are given in twenty minutes. Tests use a small amount of blood from an individual’s finger.

Syringe Services

People using syringes for illicit drug use may bring their syringes during office hours for an exchange with a clean syringe. The purpose of this program is to prevent the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C through the sharing of syringes or injection drug equipment. Syringes must be bundled in tens or inside quart-sized sharps containers. Exchanges are limited to 500 per person per day. Click here for our SSP locations and hours.

Opioid Overdose Reversal

We offer naloxone hydrochloride in a pre-filled syringe with an intra-muscular needle for opioid users to reverse overdose. Instructions on using the naloxone are provided at our office and also available online here.

Vaccination Services

We supply vaccines for tetanus, shingles, influenza, hepatitis A/B, and COVID-19. These are all offered free of charge.


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Become a Volunteer

With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we can always use help preparing supplies, doing outreach, and generally supporting the office. Contact us for more information on how you can volunteer!