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Design and Financing Discussions Continue for First Owned Central Office

As winter progressed, we at the agency continued to work through the feasibility process for purchasing the plot on W. Poplar for our future central office. As one soils expert noted in his report, “This is a good spot to build on.” We quite agree! We look forward to bringing our Walla Walla staff together in one place, and laying the groundwork for opening an academic center, the Center for Rural Responses to Substance Use. Watch this space in 2022 for more details as the work unfolds.

by Everett Maroon April 4, 2022

$402,000 Awarded for Drug User Health Equity

We are thrilled to announce a contract award from the Washington State Department of Health to increase health equity for people using syringe service programs (SSPs) in our state. This program will help get SSP participants vaccinated for COVID-19, and funds the creation of a mobile clinic to help our staff bring critical clinical services to geographically isolated communities. HIV, hepatitis C, and STI testing, wound care, vaccinations for tetanus, shingles, influenza, and COVID-19 will all be part of our toolkit, along with our harm reduction services.

by Everett Maroon October 16, 2021

BMHTH Awarded Recovery Navigator Program

We are pleased to announce we have been awarded the LEAD model “Recovery Navigator Program” for Walla Walla and Columbia Counties, and are working to fill case management and outreach positions. This program is similar to the already established Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program that BMHTH manages along with our partners at Comprehensive Healthcare. We are eager to integrate the RNP along with LEAD to increase our wraparound and support services for people caught up in drug use and the criminal justice system. After our first year of LEAD we and Comprehensive look forward to more positive outcomes for our clients and community.

by Everett Maroon February 5, 2022

Expanded Testing Program Begins in Walla Walla

The Syringe Services Program (SSP) at 1520 Kelly Place has scaled up testing services for HIV, hepatitis C, and syphilis, in response to local concerns about potential increased transmission in the community. Individuals concerned about their potential exposure can come in for free testing Monday through Friday from 9AM until noon and from 1PM until 5PM. We are also offering $10 incentive gift cards for people who take one of these antibody tests until supplies run out. As always, our testing is confidential.

by Everett Maroon January 31, 2022

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